If your business is mid size or smaller, we've got a great solution for you. Do you need to implement an internal/external communication solution for collecting data and communicating, but without the full enterprise solution? Then the business solution is the way to go.

Private landing page

We design your very own landing page for your company. We also connect a native app to your landing page (optional).

Global users

Import all your employees to the platform and create groups and lists. Employees can access the projects and events they are invited to.

Native company app

Make the app a hub for both internal and external communication.


If you want to gradually expand your internal interactivity- and communication-solution, the bussiness solution is the perfect fit. Everything is handeld with ease from our intutive backend. Build registration sites, events, workshops and administrate all users in one place.

Set up

After you have an account you can start immediately. Training sessions for your project team is included and also templates to start from.


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