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Twebcast Travel

Use Twebcast throughout your conference to get the most powerful result, from registration to evaluation and everything in beetween. Or handpick the relevant features for you - information pages, schedules, participant lists, interactive maps and other conference functions.

Info pages

Add as many pages as you need in your menu. Locations, maps, conference information, weather widgets, contact details etc.


Dynamic agendas that can show different content based on the participant's registrated data. Support for multiple days and multiple tracks.


Let the participants find and chat with each other. Possibility to add LinkedIn integration. Choose which data that will be display for others and which data that should be editable.

My registration

The participants can administrate their own registration in the app. Administrators can be notified when a participant makes a change.


Add real time polls to your conference, or ask your participants to answer a few questions beforhand.


Twebcast supports multiple tracks during your conference. Presentation screens can be connceted to each track and participants can browse track specific information and questions.


Twebcast Travel
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