Twebcast is a full coverage solution for realtime event creation. We have stopped counting all of the functions, there are too many, but luckily you don't have to learn them all from start! This is an overview of some of the components, but there are lots more to explore in our backend.


If you want to ask a question in a specific way we probably have support for it. Polling is always in realtime, if you want.


Choose between multiple different result styles. Most of them are compatible with segmentation and all of them of course in realtime.


Export all data from your event to an excel file so you can analyze and work with your data the way you prefer.


Let the participants register themselves or use pre-registration (import excel file). You can also run your event in anonymous mode without registration.

Registration site

Design your own registration web site for your event inside your project.

Presence control

Use our check-in app to ensure that only participants with a valid ticket get inside.


With our dynamic menu solution you can be confident that all participants get the right information at the right time.


Set up your agendas with breakouts, multiple days, information about agenda items etc.


Let your participants connect with each other. Create your own profile and find others to connect with.

Control panel

The control panel gives you total control when you run your event. Navigate, moderate, survey and control.


Through our api you can reveive and send data to the platform. In other words you can let the audience control anything!


Cluster your results based on data about your participants. Compare different segments or analyze on at a time.

Native App

Feel free to use our app. In our Enterprise sulotion we can also build a customized native application for any company.

Surveys & follow up

Stand-alone surveys or follow ups after the event, where participants control the pace themselves.

Customized landing page

If you have a yearly subscription we offer a customized a landing page for your company where all of your events show up.

Conditional display

Choose which participants or group of participants that can see a specific question or meny item.

Push notifications

Send messages from the control panel to all or a selected portion of the participants.


We offer unlimited number of administrators so you can share and collaborate without restrictions with your colleges.


Quizes and games in any format or shape.


Integration with single sign on solutions. Certified by Okta.


Encrypted dataflows, multiple security roles and password protection on different levels.