Nowi Education
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Nowi is a company leading the innovation in the field of eduction for personal assistants. Their solution is built on and delivered through Twebcasts platform. This is a special application of Twebcast functionality. All clients are offered a branded version of the education, and the students go trough the material on their mobile phones. Where and when they want. They can choose in which order they want to learn and the system keeps track on their progress. They can also choose to switch between laptop and mobile. After a completed course a fully branded certificate is sent out. To make the content come alive Nowi works with a mixture between written material, filmed sequences, pictures, questions, animated highlights, fully customized design etc.

“Twebcast allow us to produce easy-to-use and fun-to-learn educations. Twebcast also allow us to provide courses that look and feel like it was our customer’ own traning material. Together with the 'mobile first’ approach we have found a great solution for our educations.”

Mikael Nordmark

CEO, Nowi Education