Twebcast platform
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Like no other solution, twebcast combines a presentation engine with interactivity tools and full technical control. Present your message across multiple screens on stage and on every participants’ mobile phone and let the audience be an integrated part of the show.

twebcast allows your audience to become participants through their mobile devices. Connecting to an event through a browser is as easy as one short link. Once connected, you can design and produce the participant experience on their screens as you do with all other screens at a venue. Use their device as a second screen to show complementary material, or use it to allow them to actively engage in your event through live polling, Q&A and image upload. twebcast is a product that facilitates communication between an event and its participants, this communication can be in the form of text, images, sound or video. Our platform does not tell you how to engage and activate your audience, we provide the tools to allow your creativity to decide how you want to turn your audience into participants.

The presentation engine in our platform allows you to control what is displayed on your main screen (or screens). No need for multiple systems, or switchers, our control panel gives you a comprehensive view of what is happening when.

The presentation engine facilitates interaction between event producers and event participants. twebcast is a fully customizable, high-end solution that allows you to have live control over your presence on all screens.