Free Single Project Subscription
SEK 2000-4000*
/30 days
SEK 2000-4000* /month
SEK 10 / USER /month
Offered as one year subscription
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Participants
up to 20000 participants
✔ * ✔ *
Custom branding*
Peronal Data / Registration*
Code blocks
Possibilty to inject code on a certain module
User provisoning by domain
Possibility to add-ons

* Choose one or both.

Add-ons for subscriptions:
Native App (SEK 10000 one time fee)
Singel Sign On (by OKTA, SEK 5000 other providers on quotation)
Private Landing Page (SEK 3000/month)

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between participants and users?
A user belongs to one or many groups. This makes it possible to display events to different clusters of users on your private landing page e.g.. A participant does not belong to any group, only to an event.

What's the difference of projects and events?
This is one of Twebcast's biggest advantages. A project is where all the modules are saved and where you build your content. Every event is a separate session of a project. In this way you can have the audience data separated for different occasions, for example if you have a keynote with different audiences or a weekly meeting where you want to gather data for every week.

Do push-notifications, notifications and emails cost extra?
No, if you have a paid project or a subscription you can communicate to your participants for free. For text messages we charge 10€ per 100 sent message.

What can I customize in a paid project?
Basically everything! You can change the logotype and other expected design elements as fonts, backgrounds and colors. You can also use your own CSS which allows changes for almost anything.

Will you store my credit card information?
No, all credit card details are handeled by Klarna.

Can I pay for one month?
Yes, with "Single project" you unlock all features for a specific project for 30 days. Subscriptions are only available annually, but they will be charged monthly.

How many questions am I allowed to have in a free project?
Any number! Unlimited!

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