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It all starts with a registration

The registration is vital for creating a good event. It supports the administration, can be used for segmentation, surveys, conditonal displays and much more.

Multiple types of functionality

Twebcast has different types of input fields that can be used in a registration. You can let people enter their own data or import data to participants profile from Twebcasts control panel. You can e.g. upload itinerary details and show them for each participant.


E-mail is the uniqe identifier. This is required if you have a registration with personal data. This e-mail address will also be used by Twebcast for the participants user account.

Select box

Let the partcipant choose an option from a dropdown menu.

Free text

Let the participant answer in free text, e.g. for allergies etc.


Used to register different data that can only contain numbers.

Date / time

Date picker when a spicific date is asked for.


An added box to be checked or unchecked.

Seats handeling

Decide how many available slots there are for a specific option. You can choose to display seats left or not.

My Registration

Let the participant view and/or update their own data. Visible from within the event once the participant has registered.

Required fields

Decide which fields the participant need to fill out and which ones that are optional.


Let the participant invite guests by an e-mail address to the event. You can open up for any number of guests per participant and for guests to invite their guests or not.

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