Activate your audience

We share the dream of activating your audience! This is why we created TwebCast.
Now, you have a tool that makes a difference as you enter the stage.

Interactive moments

TwebCast allows you to create a lasting and captivating experience.
Interactive moments that empower you and your audience.

As experienced by some of our great clients!


Wonderful and exciting presentations

Build a stronger and more meaningful relation with your audience.
We provide the tool - the audience provides the data.
Make an impression that last!

In the class room

TwebCast is a great tool for teaching to groups. Increase interest and knowledge by allowing your audience to interact and be part of designing the lecture. Check competence level and follow up.

On stage

A second screen during TV shows, concerts and sport events. TwebCast turns your happening into an interactive moment. Establish a meaningful and rewarding relation with your audience.

Your future customers

TwebCast makes your digital and analogue ads interactive. We also help spreading your voice via social media - providing relevant offers to your target audience.

In your meeting

We say; "import that powerpoint into TwebCast". Get solid data out of your meetings. TwebCast makes it simple to make the most of your meetings and work-shops.

TwebCast will soon begin invite for closed beta access

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