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This is the twebcast platform

The high-end solution for event creators

Don't let technical limitations stop you from achieving your goals and ideas.

One single event platform

Finally no need to mix dozens of tools. twebcast supports your ideas before, during and after the event.

Unlimited interactvity

Fully customizable Build you own event puzzle exactly the way you want - designwise and conceptwise.

Full technical control

At a live event twebcasts control panel lets you be the event pilot in every given moment.

Loads of easy-to-use functions
What are your favourite dishes for a perfect event? Mix and match from the twebcast menu.

Authoring tool

For event content, interactivity and second screen

Multiple screens

Disseminate information across multiple screens


Allows participants to preregister and interact before an event

Full control

Your event live through our control panel

Conference solution

Support for distributed events and breakout sessions

User access

Organizers have full control over who can interact with the event


Every aspect of the twebcast platform is highly customizable

Customized views

For panels, editors and moderators allow for easy management of complex interactivity


Participants use their mobile devices to interact with presentations


Export all data from your event to an excel file

Breakout sessions

Supports breakouts from one single login

Knock-out competition

Wrong answer knocks competitors out of the game

Presence control

Only invited participants gets through the door


Upload your participant list in advance

Event information

Dynamic information about your events i.e. maps and schedule

Pre-event questions

Engage your audience even before the event

Word cloud

Live animated wordcloud

Text flow

Host your own Twitter-like feed with thread functionality


Listen to any instagram hashtag


Moderate incoming input from the audience in parallel layers


Participant navigation between breakouts and other content

Distributed events

Participate from different geographical locations


Supports https, password protection on all levels

Customized views

Show the right view for your role

Survey & follow up

Collect data from your audience after the event


Segment incoming answers in categories

Live chat

All participants can see all incoming posts

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