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Bauer media group

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When Citycon celebrated their 30th anniversary they did it with a grand event in Stockholm, and with the help of Wow by UMG and Twebcast.

The participants used the Twebcast app throughout the event to access event information, agendas, venues, transportation etc. Through Twebcast they also received information about which group they belong to and who the group members were.

The moderator Anna-Lena Björklund did a perfect job to engage the audience and the Cityconners were eager to participate. Almost all of the audience participated in every poll and question and vote!

As a facilitator Wow used both general and individual push notifications to spread information about different live happenings.

In a market fair-like part of the event Citycon let their employees give points through Twebcast in three different categories to all presenting groups. This was done in five different heats, with groups getting points after each one. Half way through they got a sneak peak of the score in one of the categories. Later on a winner in each category plus the overall grand master winner were celebrated. Together with more celebrations for the 30-year old jubilar of course.

× Bauer media

Bauer Media Group

Nice (France) was the destination for Bauer media’s yearly kickoff.

The almost 200 participants were able to choose from different breakout sessions and activities during the three day long trip. Seats handling was needed for fitting the rooms and busses, so the Twebcast registration site handled all seats available and taken for each breakout and activity.

During the trip participants used Twebcast to chat and send private messages to each other. They could also access the schedule and download it in pdf-format to avoid roaming fees. Bauer also used Twebcast for polling to get segmented metrics in realtime, to get a better understanding of the organisation.

Everything was handled inside the Twebcast app and therefore the administration could reach out with push notifications to everyone, or a specific group, if last minut changes occurred.

Elin Rösiö
Brand & Project Manager

× Lärarförbundet


At the Almedalen week (the most important forum in Swedish politics) it’s all about engaging your audience and getting your message across. Lärarförbundet (the Swedish union of teachers) wanted to involve the audience into their debates. The audience on site as well as people watching the webcast submitted opinions and evaluated the performances of the politicians on the panels. The Twebcast presentation engine and a totally customizable design made the event flow seamlessly with a very lean technical setup.

“This took our seminars to a new level! I love how we made something together and brought the audience into the debates. It looked great and the debates became more vivid and spontaneous.”

Johanna Sällström Köhler
Project Manager, formation of opinion



TEDx wanted to let the audience decide which film from an official TED-talk event that would be shown. The audience answered a couple of questions to guage their mood. Based on the results of these questions, a video matching the audience mood started automatically.

”Amazing to be able to have dynamic voting that affects what happens on stage! Twebcast opens up completely new possibilities for how an audience can influence the flow of an event.”

Axel Lindqvist
Initiator, TEDx Gothenburg



When Finley was launched in Sweden, they chose to create a unique experience for their consumers. At Stureplan they created the largest vending machine ever seen. Twebcast hosted the interactive part of the digital signage campaign.

× Nowi

Nowi Education

Nowi is a company leading the innovation in the field of eduction for personal assistants. Their solution was built on and delivered through Twebcasts platform. This is a special application of Twebcast's functionality. All clients are offered a branded version of the education, and the students go trough the material on their mobile phones. Where and when they want. They can choose in which order they want to learn and the system keeps track on their progress. They can also choose to switch between laptop and mobile. After a completed course a fully branded certificate is sent out. To make the content come alive Nowi works with a mixture between written material, filmed sequences, pictures, questions, animated highlights, fully customized design etc.

“Twebcast allows us to produce easy-to-use and fun-to-learn educations. Twebcast also let us provide courses that look and feel like it was our customers’ own traning material. Together with the 'mobile first’ approach we have found a great solution for our educations.”

Mikael Nordmark
CEO, Nowi Education


Svenskt Näringsliv

Swedish work environment authority together with Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and four other employer-organizations arranged the conference “SAM”. The conference was the final of a four year long co-operation between many state authorities and non-governmental organizations. Their wish is to use all incoming data as a base to start a new workgroup about systematical work environment in addition to the live event.

“To get real time data on the screen is for me as a moderator a fantastic opportunity. And the ability to let the audience ask questions in an easy and organized way is really powerful!”

Robert Thorburn
Communication and Project Manager, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

× Perido


Perido used Twebcast at their yearly internal reconciliation day. The purpose of the day is that all employees at the sales team deliver a personal presentation of expectations of the year to come, which goals that are reasonable to achieve and how to reach them.

“As a participant during the presentation, I really enjoyed the experience to be part of the presentation itself. Also, seeing the whole group's response to the speaker's presentation was quite exciting and engaging!”

Frida Kilany
Sales, Perido

× Stockholms University

Stockholms University

As a university teacher I want to engage and interact with my students as much as possible. No matter if they are 15 or 200 students I want to have some connection and interaction with them during class. With Twebcast I can have this more closely and broader connection as the students can send me comments and questions during a lecture through the system. This makes it possible for even the shy students to ask their questions in a large lecture hall. Comments from students: Nice with interaction through a webbased tool! It creates engagement! Really good! I really enjoyed a ”living presentation” instead of all the dead PowerPoint presentations with a lot of texts!

Anna Åkerfeldt
Ph.D. Senior Lecture, Stockholm University

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Read what our clients think...

"We used Twebcast as a tool for enhancing the performance of the sales force for one of our clients. We could follow the progress of every participant throughout the project. [...] It also helped our client to match their offer to fit their customers' needs.”

Eva Ruttkay

“It was great to see how every single person in the audience participated! And it was easy for me on stage to highlight relevant questions and comments from the audience.”

Peter Settman, Moderator

“This took our seminars to a whole new level! I love how we made something together and brought the audience into the debates. It looked great and the debates became more vivid and spontaneous.”

Johanna Sällström Köhler

“Twebcast put gold in my hands, I´m only a smith.”

Jon Forsell, key note speaker - Happy Bear

“With the help of Twebcast, we could easily administrate the registration of attendance for the kickoff and all seminars and leisure activities. It was incredibly helpful to have everything in one place. [...] As an organizer it was great to be able to send out push notifications, last minute changes and updates or reminders to all attendees. Twebcast has been absolutely invaluable for the success of this event, with their great knowledge and excellent service.”

Elin Rösiö, Brand & Project Manager - Bauer Media

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