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Twebcast was one of the first interactive solutions on the market and has gathered a broad knowledge of interactive events over the years.

We have worked with a large number of blue chip customers and can offer already proven and tested concepts to get you kick-started! Add your own ideas on top of proven concepts to get your own flavour.

It´s only your own imagination that stops you from building anything of your own chocie. Twebcast is cloud based and reachable all over the world 24/7.

Total solution

Registration, event information, polls, game engine, multiple screens, surveys - Twebcast is a complete solution for the smallest workshops to the biggest arena events.


Build it your way! Twebcast is module based and will powerfully support any idea you might have. Customize it from the ground or start off with a template to get going fast.


Twebcast is a secure platform, tested and approved by large organizations. From encrypted data and SSL to built-in GDPR handling. We can also offer SSO and use webfront by Amazon for reliable service.

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Twebcast has everything you need for your live event creation. We have stopped counting all of the features, there are too many, but luckily you don't have to know them all from start!

Discover and get new ideas as you go! This is an overview of some of the components, but there are lots more to explore in our backend.


Multiple ways of asking and multiple ways of displaying questions. Live questions, participant only sequences, options, scales, freetexts, matrixes, photos and much more.


Choose between multiple different result styles. Most of them are compatible with real time segmentation and filtering. Decide where and when you want to display results and from one or many events.


Export data from your event to an excel file so you can analyze and work with your data the way you prefer.


Let participants register themselves or use pre-registration (import of excel file). You can also run your event in anonymous mode without registration.

Registration site

Design your own registration web site for your event: event information, sign up, seats handling, invitations, agendas, interactive maps etc.

Presence control

Use our check-in app at the door to ensure that only participants with a valid ticket get inside and can access event information.


With our dynamic menu solution you can be confident that all participants get the right information at the right time.


Set up your agendas with breakouts, multiple days, information about speakers and locations, personalized agendas etc.


Let your participants connect with each other. Create your own profile page and find others to connect with.

Control panel

The run mode/control panel gives you total control when you run your event. Navigate, moderate, survey and control what information to display where and when.


Through our API you can reveive and send data to the platform. In other words you can let the audience control almost anything!


Cluster your results based on data about your participants. Compare different segments or analyze on at a time.

Native App

Twebcast can be accessed either from a web browser or from our native app. In our Enterprise solution we also offer a customized, white-labeled native application for your company.

Surveys & follow-ups

Stand-alone surveys, follow-ups after the event or star rating of events.

Customized landing page

Make it easy for your employees or your audience to find your events! Use our customized branded landing page for your company, where all of your events can be published.

Conditional display

Choose which participants or group of participants that will be presented with a specific question or meny item.

Push notifications

Send messages from the control panel to all or a selections of the participants. Schedule notifications for specific times.


We offer unlimited number of administrators so you can share and collaborate without restrictions with your colleges.


Quizes and games in any format or shape. Totally customizable with our game engine.


Integration with single sign on solutions. Certified by Okta.


Encrypted dataflows, multiple security roles and password protection on different levels.

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"We used Twebcast as a tool for enhancing the performance of the sales force for one of our clients. We could follow the progress of every participant throughout the project. [...] It also helped our client to match their offer to fit their customers' needs.”

Eva Ruttkay, Creative director - Wow Events

“It was great to see how every single person in the audience participated! And it was easy for me on stage to highlight relevant questions and comments from the audience.”

Peter Settman, Moderator

“This took our seminars to a whole new level! I love how we made something together and brought the audience into the debates. It looked great and the debates became more vivid and spontaneous.”

Johanna Sällström Köhler, Project Manager - Lärarförbundet

“Twebcast put gold in my hands, I´m only a smith.”

Jon Forsell, Key note speaker - Happy Bear

“With the help of Twebcast, we could easily administrate the registration of attendance for the kickoff and all seminars and leisure activities. It was incredibly helpful to have everything in one place. [...] As an organizer it was great to be able to send out push notifications, last minute changes and updates or reminders to all attendees. Twebcast has been absolutely invaluable for the success of this event, with their great knowledge and excellent service.”

Elin Rösiö, Brand & Project Manager - Bauer Media

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