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We have a very broad knowledge about interactive events and we have worked with a large number of blue chip customers. We can therefore offer a bunch of already proven and tested concepts. In addition to being tested both in technical and theoretical terms, it also saves you a lot of time.

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A very powerful and yet easy-to-setup concept to add value to an internal conference or a leadership summit.

  • Break-outs - manage sessions with multiple parallell tracks. Information, interaction, agendas etc can be tailored for each track.
  • Multiple screens - if you have multiple screens at an event, you can control them all from your Twebcast. Ad as many screens you want and decide what should be shown where and when.
  • Private chat or goup chat - find and collaborate with each other at the conference.
The big party

A great experience for a great launch? We have built numerous gamified party events. From house-warming parties to anniversary galas.

  • Gamified experience - make people move around in the building and complete quests. Or combine digital and physical tasks to collect points for your team. A fun and effective way to make sure the audience doesn't miss anything.
  • Secret chat - find a secret randomly appointed friend and solve a task together.
  • Team formation - create a team with your friends when you arrive (or before). Compete with all other teams during the evening.
Travel app

Need a fullscale logistics solution for your organization's trip? With Twebcast you have total control over all your travellers.

  • Handle and administrate participants from the control panel.
  • Schedules - let the participants follow the schedule for each day. Also possible to download it to your own device.
  • Let participants choose from different activites as a part of the registration process.
  • Reach concerned groups with push notifications, e.g. delayed flights change of busses.
  • Picture upload - let the whole crew contribute with pictures to get a feeling of the trip.
  • Your personal itinerary. All the personal data you need for the trip.
Streaming integration

If your event participants are spread over the world, then streaming is a great solution. With Twebcast you can use a split screen view so you can follow the stream and participate in the interactive area at the same time. This works very well for desktop users.

  • Desktop view - split screen view with integrated stream and interactiv area.
  • Participant filtering - Twebcast can separate the audience upon registration and send different participants to different views using the same event link.

Make your own twist to your quiz with pictures, music and broad varity of other question types.

  • Game Engine - customize correct combinations, free text answers or codes.
  • Moderation - if judgement for an accomplishment is needed let the judge give points.
  • Top lists - live updated top lists to be shown anywhere./li>
  • Knock out - A special built quiz type for large audiences where you get knocked out if you answer wrong on a question.
The signing

Imagine that you have worked toghether for a couple of days in workshops that have led to new visions, decisions and conclusions. The participants have elaborated a new potential for the future. But sadly often nothing happends after the workshop and no one actually commits to the new future vision.

"The signing" is a smart and fun process for the audience to feel more comitted. Everyone signs the "contract" with their signature directly on the screen in their phone. The signatures show up on screen and afterwards you can produce a physical canvas to help everyone remember.


We have a number of differrent workshop concepts. Or maybe you think of them as break-out-sessions. Choose from our powerful features to create workshops that really work.

  • Conditional display - display specific questions to specific groups.
  • Team formation - let the participants divide themselves into groups or why not divide them into groups based on a couple of questions?
  • Upvote - let the participants submit and vote for incoming proposals.
  • Separate chats - a private group chat for communicating within the group.
  • Subcourses - with possibility to connect another screen to the subcourse, a specific part of the workshop.

Configure your survey with all the powerful questions that Twebcast offers. Open up the survey in the menu via our control panel.

  • Participant pace - let the participants answer in their own pace.
  • Participant navigation - let the participants navigate on their own.
  • Required questions - set required questions that the participants can´t skip.
  • Branching questions - work with branching questions to navigate based on previous answer.
Customer feedback

Twebcast offers a total solution for customer feedback-kiosks; Pointmade.

  • Cost efficient - you can use your own hardware.
  • Live - realtime analytics.
  • Flexible - easy to update through the same backend as Twebcast.
Quiz walk

A perfect way to get the people to walk around in a building or a space. Build your quiz walk with a menu where you can set a marker for every answered question. Depending on if the answer is correct or wrong you can show different slides to make the quiz educational.

  • Maps - add a map for orientation.
  • Learn as you go - right/wrong indication.
  • Live results - real time overall status result screen.
The lobby

Let the staff and visitors add daily pictures to reflect what's going on in the organisation.

  • Lobby screen
  • Participant filtering
  • Make a result loop with different segmentations
  • Integrate on website
Sales support

Build a dynamic sales presentation. Sharpen your sales message with arguments that always show up in the right place depending on what your customer answer. Collect data at the same time.

When you have used your presentation for a while you will be able to see patterns and make your arguments even better.

  • Dynamic
  • Collected aggregated data
  • Segment on geolocation or other values
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