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What does the world think?

One of the most fundamental parts of an interactive event are the polls. But they don't need to look, feel and work in the same way.

We constantly add more possilbilities to expand the ways of asking and answering questions. Multiple question types, multiple input types, multiple combinations etc. Do you have an idea that we don't yet support? We want to know, please tell us!


Add as many as needed, design them as you like, different colors, text or images, with explanations or without. Answer once or multiple times, use ranking, answer with a preset number of options etc.


Ask people to submit their answer on a scale. Percentage, any intervall of your choise or a distribution between two options. Possibility to combine multiple sliders in one question.


Answer by draging and droping options into a specific ranked order.
Can also be used in combination with number of top options to be counted.

Select boxes

A drop down menu with any number of options.The user selects one of them.

Free text

Submit one or multiple free text answers on a question. Possibility to limit number of characters, rows or words.

Image upload

Upload pictures with or without comments to be shown in flows or collages e.g.


A 2-axis input where you place your vote as dot (which creates an x- and y-value) in a grid.

Radio buttons

Mark your answer using circular radio buttons.


Multiple ways of displaying live graphics. They are all designable and you can add features like moderation and segmentation to the majority of them. Segmentation can be done based on another question or a field from the registration.

Bar chart

Bar chart might be the most classic result graphics. Design it any way you like.

Horizontal barchart

The horizontal version is perfect if the options are long and also for segmentation.

Pie chart

Another classic result style. Can also be used with filtering and customized design.

Bubble chart

Presents your options as bubbles with relative sizes and design. Also very useful for filtering and segmentation.

Ball chart

One ball per option gets filled with the correlating percentage.

Slider chart

If using a slider as question type, the result slider is the most prefered graphics. You can choose to display the average position or to show the distribution of answers. Multiple sliders can be shown on the same page.


Used together with matrix questions. Contains support for segmentation and distribution.


Live graphis for short free text answers. The words' sizes reflects number of answers.

Post it notes

Creates digital post-it-notes for free text answers. You can designe how the grid should be composed.

Text scroll

Full focus one post at the time. Perfect for longer free text answers.

Text flow

A list of free text answers that adds new entries to the list in real time. From our live mode you as an administrator can choose to sort the list.

Chat flow

Create a chat flow on the presentation screen, or display it to the audience only on their own devices. Can also be combined with conditional display rules to create separate chat flows.

Leader board

A leader bord is often used for showing the current state for a quiz. But it can also be a relevant graphics to use for ranking questions.

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